Rock and Roll Autographs and Passes - 2

Patti Smith. Wave.

Ten Years Later tour, laminated and another one for a promoter I don't remember.

Assorted tickets.

Van Halen backstage pass. Jantzen Beach, 197? 
Working Jantzen Beach didn't happen often. It was a hard place to work. There was no good loading dock area, there was a huge noisy generator that had to be tended the whole time (George!) and the damn ice under the plywood made it humid as heck. Plus, I had no appreciation for Van Halen. Not even, sadly, Eddie. I had only begun making the switch to "rock and roll" (my odd definition) from my singer songwriter JCY, Jackson, et al so all I heard from VH was loud noise. I was tired and grumpy and missed my kid. The tall blonde singer, whose name escapes me presently, was especially rude and arrogant. Thumbs down for the show but I know Van Halen has a solid place in R&R history.

*Can't read the other pass ...

Cool plastic backstage pass from Zappa's show. During this concert someone fell from the balcony and broke his back. Later I gave Frank a ride to his hotel.

Grateful Dead and The Pretenders. A stub from the most excellent concert at the stadium - Dylan and Petty.